Sidekick's mechanism to pick the LTE Network

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Sidekick's mechanism to pick the LTE Network

Postby shlee0605 » Fri Sep 17, 2021 5:00 pm

I recently purchased the Envisalink 4 and Sidekick module. They all work well as expected and I also successfully tested that the Sidekick sends the alarm signal correctly to the monitoring center. One minor issue that I'm facing is that EyezOn portal indicates that LTE signal strength for Sidekick is pretty low (only one bar). My house has a relatively weak LTE signal. I use Verizon for my mobile phone and I usually get 1-2 bar signal on my iPhone. I have the LTE Network signal extender from Verizon ( ... sku3880045). With this device, I get the full 4 bar while Sidekick still indicates 1 bar for its LTE signal. What's the mechanism of Sidekick to choose which LTE network? Also, is Verizon one of the vendors that Sidekick can use their network?

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Re: Sidekick's mechanism to pick the LTE Network

Postby crosswicks » Wed Nov 03, 2021 1:29 pm

I posted a similar question earlier and the moderator responded that just about any signal level is sufficient. I see no reason to disagree as I test the system often enough and the cell module does what the cell module is required to do.

I extended the cell module antenna and moved it up also (unit is in the basement), but no perceptible change. My system reads about 2 bars with a strength of -75 dbm. I pretty much guess that it works.

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