Zone change events missing in TPI interface

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Zone change events missing in TPI interface

Postby nitekon1 » Sun Jul 18, 2021 9:44 am


My system:
-- Honeywell vista 20P (PROM v10.23)
-- 6160 keypad
-- EnvisaLink 4 (version 182)
-- Home Assistant

At the moment, through the TPI interface no zone change events are being sent. Only through the zone dump are the zone status updated.

Though recently I enabled syslog reporting and the zone change events are received immediately.

At the moment, I am not concerned when a zone is restored (closed) (I understand the limitation outlined in section 3.5 of the docs) rather seek to receive immediate reporting when a zone is faulted (open). Looking for confirmation if this type of reporting should work via the TPI interface for Honeywell vista systems? If yes, might there be a bug the current version of the EnvisaLink firmware? I would be more than happy to perform any necessary tests.

At this time I am at the point to where I can further invest in the Honeywell system or move over to a DSC. Though key here to keeping the Honeywell setup is to simply get the zone reporting to work.


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Re: Zone change events missing in TPI interface

Postby richieframe » Wed Aug 18, 2021 12:03 am

I just updated my EVL4 to 182 to test this as I have an identical setup, it was working on 1.3.164

Yes, the HA UI should report state changes of the zone within 1s of opening.

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