DSC 832 / PC 5010 and battery issues

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DSC 832 / PC 5010 and battery issues

Postby sks8100 » Mon Aug 31, 2020 6:31 pm

Hey guys so i'm confused with my alarm panel post envislink 4 install.


I moved into this home around 5 yrs ago and currently have a DCS 5010/832 panel. All has been working fine. I installed the envisalink a few days ago and noticed a trouble signal on my panel indicating low battery (*2--> 1 --> 1). So i thought ok fine its been atleast 5 years so i replaced the battery. Checked the new battery, had 12.9V out of the box and popped it in. Expected to see it bump to 13.4V+ but that didnt happen.

Checked the Voltage on the input side and get 17.V AC. Checked the AUX and get 13V...check the batter terminals and I get 11V. Take off the envisalink and battery terminals give me 12V (wait what?).

I have no idea if or how any of this is related. Just sharing some data points.

Other than that, arm/disarm/open/comm to the monitoring station...works great

any ideas?

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