Vista 20P RF Zone 90 *183 Report Code

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Vista 20P RF Zone 90 *183 Report Code

Postby flying » Mon Jul 06, 2020 8:38 pm

My system consists of Vista 20P with EnvisaLink4. I tried to add a RF garage tilt sensor set on Zone 10 configured in Zone type 90 as 0,11,0,7,0,5,0,7,6,6. Whenever I opened AND closed the garage I got the fault on Zone 10, and it would not clear off from my EyezOn status page nor the control panel. So my alarm would sound even the garage was closed, I could only disarm, bypass it, and rearm.

The Report Code for the tilt sensor is A0, and I have 152380 set for the *183 Report Code. Just wonder what have I configured incorrectly on my *183 or it's something else? I also tried to set the *182 entry 2 to 15 to include "Auto Restore" but it made no difference.

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