Using Alarm triggers to kickoff Alexa Routines

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Using Alarm triggers to kickoff Alexa Routines

Postby AZ3Desert » Wed Jun 10, 2020 1:08 pm

Hi all,

I have a honeywell Vista 20P panel with a Envisalink 4. I'd like to trigger Alexa based routines when the alarm is triggered (either smoke/heat or intrusion). As an example, if the alarm goes off, I want to turn all the lights inside and outside of the house to turn on.

I do see a smoke/heat device under Alexa status, but all I see is that it is "closed" and a message that says "server is unresponsive." All other Evisalink sensors (doors, etc.) show the same status. I can't seem to select any of them to build a Alexa routine.

I've searched the forum and could not find a solution. Any thoughts on how to do this? If this is not possible, I may add a SONOFF SV to the alarm output of the panel. But seems I should be able to do this from the Envisalink 4.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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