Eyezon & SmartThings Integration Github Project

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Eyezon & SmartThings Integration Github Project

Postby ryanh » Thu Jun 04, 2020 8:13 am

Hey guys, I'm just getting setup with smartthings after Wink let me down with a subscription service starting up...

Decided to check again into how I could bring my DSC alarm into Smartthings. I came across this Github project/tutorial:
https://github.com/vadim-bach/EyezOn-SmartThings-Switch by user Vadim Bach.

I also found a forum post here:

My question is ... does anyone know how 'secure' setting up something like this is... I understand the pin code would be stored in my Hub and Samsung probably would have access. But would there be any concern with the app developer getting alarm control/status access? I think the code lives in the Samsung device handler platform and I don't see any calls to websites other than eyez-on.com...

Curious if anyone here is using it, and if they have concerns with it.

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