DLS Software and EVL4

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DLS Software and EVL4

Postby crosswicks » Wed Jan 29, 2020 10:40 am

I have both DLS2002 (Win XP Pro) and DLS5 (Win 8.1) installed but in neither case does the EVL4 show up properly. It seems to be emulated as a printer device as suggested in an earlier call with your tech help. Not sure this matters since I don't think there are any user settings to adjust.

However it would be nice to have all modules show up just for convenience. The same or similar question applies to a recently added PTK5597 touch screen keypad which (1) doesn't show up in DLS2002 (presumably due to the software age), or in DLS5 which doesn't see my PC5010 in the first place (in this case due to the main board age).

So what is my question? Is there anyway to pull this together and get both the EVL4 and the PTK5597 to show up in DLS2002 (or DLS5), short of replacing the 5010 with (say) the 1832? I know well enough that these are questions only asked by ill-informed amateurs like me, but just thought I'd try.

Thanks very much for the assists so far. Fine work.

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