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Using TPI to trigger alarm from the home-assistant integration

Posted: Tue Oct 08, 2019 4:11 pm
by HeadHodge

are there ways to trigger the alarm with home-assistant when the system is armed?

I can send custom commands from home-assistant and even enter installer mode. But I dont see a way to use a custom command in the Vista manual to trigger the alarm.

the home-assistant integration seems to support a panel.trigger_alarm service, but it doesnt seem to support sending any info about the event. i'm wanting to sign up for your monitoring service, but wonder what the monitoring service would see if i triggered the alarm via that service.

I tried changing the states of some of the Vista wireless sensors in home-assistant to trigger the alarm, but it didn't appear to be recognized by the envisalink board or do anything.

i'm really wanting to figure this out before signing up for your monitoring service.