Xfinity Home Equipment Self-monitor with Envisalink

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Xfinity Home Equipment Self-monitor with Envisalink

Postby SecurityEyez » Thu Jul 04, 2019 9:02 pm


I am going to shortly disconnect my Xfinity Home contract. I am looking for a solution that would maximize the hardware I already have, and allow me to either self-monitor the alarm (by SMS/email) using Envisalink 4. I already have the following hardware:
- System
o Honeywell Vista 20P

- Keypads/Touchscreens
o Honeywell 6160 Keypad (Not RF)
o TCA203 Touchpanel (Connected through ECP bus by wireless iControl PIM 4000001604)

- Various Hardwired and Wireless (ZigBee protocol) sensors

1. I see that Envisalink connects to Vista 20P through the ECP bus. Currently iControl PIM also connects to ECP (to work with the touchpad, which in turn connects to the wireless sensors). Is it possible to connect both iControl PIM and Envisalink to ECP at the same time?
3. Has anyone tried using the TCA203 Touchpanel + iControl PIM 4000001604 along with Envisalink?

Thanks for your help.

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