How about some documentation?

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How about some documentation?

Postby Very Secure » Mon May 06, 2019 10:25 am

I have been using the EVL4 card with my DSC system for some time now. Each time I want to make a change to the accounts that access the system is an exercise in frustration. There seems to be zero documentation on configuring accounts but a multitude of ways to add contacts, both with direct access or through EnvisAlerts Plus, and multiple ways to receive alerts. One can add "contacts" on the primary account, each with different alert levels, or you can add other "contacts" by creating accounts and adding through EnvisAlerts Plus. Accounts can be "Guest", "Standard", or "Administrator". What’s the difference? "Contacts" can add "Contacts". In the same manner there are numerous and confusing ways to receive alerts. You can send emails, send emails to phones using SMS text translators, forward Mobile Portal Links to various devices and/or contacts, or you can download the Eyez-On app. If a contact uses the app, do they need any other form of communication to receive alerts? If the app is the best (fastest) way of pushing alerts, why have the other options? Once an account is created, does it ever expire? Since I only tend to make changes on an infrequent basis, each time is a refresher course in configuration (and frustration). Yes, there is some on-line stuff but it mostly covers installation and very basic setup. Random tidbits of information on this forum is difficult to piece together to get answers, without a lot of trial and error. Some clear and concise (current) documentation on all of this would be most helpful to all users. Can someone at Eyez-On take a day or two to create and post such a document for us DIYers?

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