Vista panel expand capabilities for HA

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Vista panel expand capabilities for HA

Postby dcuste » Mon Dec 31, 2018 6:32 pm

My Vista with an EVL3 installed has been great for not only security but, because of my Vista 20P X10 and phone capabilities, has made it also usable for simple home automation tasks. I have a lot of those HA tasks going through a TPI that is no longer supported triggered by a phone app that is also no longer supported. I’m trying to find a way to keep the current capabilities of what I’ve got still running on a newer android phone. I would also like to expand into other home automation directions using the Vista and EVL3. I’ve seen apps out there developed for DSC panels with EVL3 or 4 that look very capable, but nothing for Vista panels. Is there anything out there that runs on newer phones to better integrate what I have with newer HA devices?

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Re: Vista panel expand capabilities for HA

Postby mikep » Fri Jan 04, 2019 12:45 pm

I have a paid android app "DscServer" that extends DSC panels with automation, allows integration with alexa and google assistant, and even provides a way to integrate into HomeKit and Siri. It works by using the envisalink locally to talk to a server running on a low end android device to bridge to those other automation systems.

Right now I only have it working for DSC panels because that's the panel that I have. I've had a number of requests to extend the support for honeywell/vista, but without the necessary hardware for development and support it's not possible. The DSC/envisalink/DscServer has worked so well for me I'd be willing to extend it to honeywell but I need (permanent) access to an envisalink and a Vista panel, and perhaps a keypad.

If someone has an old panel & envisalink they could donate that would get me going, or if there was enough interest I could set up a kickstarter campaign or similar to purchase the necessary hardware.

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