New to board, have not purchased envisalink4 yet...

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New to board, have not purchased envisalink4 yet...

Postby my79is2quick4u » Mon Dec 03, 2018 7:58 pm

Can anyone tell me if this component envisalink4 would be compatible with Zmodo cameras?? Or is there another type of camera you'd recommend? That is along the same lines??

I'm looking to get the alarm system back operational in my house its a vista 15P. I'm currently repairing it replacing sensors and wiring. I was going to leave it as a simple stand alone system merely operating the sirens if a sensor is tripped after being alarmed. (Think like a car alarm) so as not to pay for monitoring or subscription, and then use zmodo cameras as my main monitoring system. But I came across this component and would like to perhaps purchase it if I can integrate some type of camera similar to Zmodo.

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