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iPhone - Alarm sounds

Postby Clipper » Mon Aug 24, 2020 11:31 am

If my panel is triggered, can my iphone sound a CLEARLY AUDIBLE alarm? Something to get my attention? I understand this is already in place for Android, and now is possible with iphone too. It seems a basic feature to me. As it stands I need to be either paying continuous attention to my email, and/or immediately look at every single SMS message that comes in -- to promptly know if an alarm has triggered.

Great product in any case! It's been rock solid for over a year since we installed it.

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Re: New Feature Requests

Postby anderep » Thu Sep 24, 2020 4:01 am

GrandWizard wrote:
grabo wrote:EVL4 FEATURE REQUEST: Full 4-octet IP address for syslog

It's not necessarilylikely that the syslog server lives on the same subnet as the EVL4.

This seems trivial to add.

I've resorted to using NAT trickery to get around this limitation.

This has been asked for in the past and Envisacor says no. It partially relates to the fact that syslog traffic is unencrypted and they don't want it leaving the local network. You wil have to live with your trickery.

Then can you detect the network properly, you have limited it based on the IP address given. Use the gateway and subnet mask.

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