EVL3 syslog script for Vista

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EVL3 syslog script for Vista

Postby grabo » Sun Dec 10, 2017 5:22 am

I spent a few hours today putting together a linux bash script that connects to my EVL3 (Vista 20P panel) and redirects the output to my syslog server (or to shell console). I've attached it here - feel free to use and modify. It's suitable for scheduling via crontab.

The help text from 'evltpi.sh --help':

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Usage: evltpi.sh [ -c ] [ -s SYSLOG_HOST ] [ -o SYSLOG_PORT] [ -p SYSLOG_PRI ] [ -u USERNAME ] [ -d ] [ -v ] [ ENVISALINK_HOST ]
Envisalink TPI Parser

ENVISALINK_HOST is the IP or hostname of an Envisalink board with TPI enabled on port 4025
MUST choose '-c' or '-s' ; otherwise there'd be nothing to do!

  -c Console output
  -s Hostname or IP of syslog server
  -o Syslog UDP port (if different than default 514)
  -p Syslog message PRI (digits ONLY)
  -u Envisalink username (if different than default 'user')
  -d Show DISARMED messages (noisy)
  -v Verbose settings output to console for debugging

Some miscellaneous notes...
- You MUST choose -c or -s (host-or-ip) - otherwise the script has nothing to do
- The script checks to see if another process on the same system is already connected to TPI, and will SILENTLY exit if there is one
- My panel constantly spits out DISARMED messages every few seconds, so the script ignores anything with the text DISARMED. Use the -d switch to not ignore them
- I use "166" for my syslog PRI (local0 facility, informational messages). You choose what works for your syslog server.
- When using -c, you will only see the PRI if you are simultaneously sending to syslog. Otherwise it will be blank.
- Timestamps are those of the system sending to syslog and are generated by the script
evltpi.sh bash script
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