EVL4EZR and a Honeywell Vista ip21

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EVL4EZR and a Honeywell Vista ip21

Postby locomanjim » Thu Nov 23, 2017 8:15 pm

I installed your board back in march and after i installed it I was able to login, arm and disarm it, all seamed to work fine...
the other day i decided to play my " set the alarm and scar my daughter" and see if she can remember the code ,I set the alarm and lay in wait, she open the front door and NOTHING.... my alarm pad is solid red and no alarm...WHAT TE HOCKEY STICKS !

I disarm, I open and close the door and it chimes and show 02 open, green light off, close door, green light or 02 open clear,
set alarm, open the door and no alarm.....check away,instant,night,stay, no alarm from front door but all other doors and windows set the alarm off. this is a pure wired alarm with dual micro switches on all doors and mico magnets in windows

any idea what setting I may have changed or set incorrectly to my front door 02 delay circuit when I did the configuration for your board in the settings?

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