EyezON Mobile Portal App available for Android - BETA

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Re: EyezON Mobile Portal App available for Android - BETA

Postby vicw » Mon Sep 24, 2018 8:13 pm

Thanks, @atunguyd, for detailing the procedure to find the Notification sound choice. It is in the very last place I would have expected to find it. The choice of either one sound, or the other, isn't exactly great, but since I switched it to the phone default, at least now my wife will stop asking who is at the front door every time it goes off.

I'm an Envisalink fan, and have been very satisfied with it on my DSC system, first with the 100, then the 2DS, some years, but I think there are a number of opportunities for improvement with the UI, design and functionality of the EyezON app.

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Re: EyezON Mobile Portal App available for Android - BETA

Postby Clipper » Sat Mar 30, 2019 4:41 pm

Either sound on an iphone is soft and can be easily missed -- no matter whether one selects the EyezOn sound or phone default.

Is there a way for an alarm condition on the panel to actually sound an ALARM on the iphone via the app (or SMS)? Something besides the soft "ding" of an incoming email or SMS text? Yet, I don't need a loud alarm to go off every time the panel does anything at all. Just when there is an ALARM condition. This kind of functionality seems obvious to me...yet it doesn't appear to be available/possible currently.

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