How to disable schedules temporarily

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How to disable schedules temporarily

Postby Fred » Fri Apr 28, 2017 10:21 am

I'm new here, hello everyone! This is a question that actually does not pertain to Envisalink (which I installed successfully a few weeks ago, very happy so far!!) I'm just hoping someone here knows the answer or could direct me to where I can find it: is there an EASY way to temporarily disable the schedules entered in Vista 20P? I have it set to arm automatically in the morning of weekdays and disarm automatically in the afternoon. But if I'm home on vacation for a few days I'd like to suspend these schedules temporarily so I don't have to go every morning to turn it off. The only, hard, way I can think of is to go in programming mode and enter the commands to remove those events...
Thanks in advance.

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