Sending cmd 200 after cmd 900 request

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Sending cmd 200 after cmd 900 request

Postby monstergerm » Sat Mar 04, 2017 3:18 pm

I am trying to send cmd 200 ([200][Access Code]) after the panel sends cmd 900 due to an access code being required for a bypass action.

However, I am always getting the error "IT-100/Envisalink Error (026): API User Code not Required."

According to the TPI manual:
The application will have the panel’s time window for entering the access code. If a command 200 is issued to the TPI outside of the panel’s window, system error 26 (Command not Required) will be issued.

What is happening here? How long is the panel's time window? I tried short delays before sending the 200 command with no success.

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