EVL3 disconnects after 4 minutes

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EVL3 disconnects after 4 minutes

Postby Ughly » Mon Feb 06, 2017 2:54 am


After the recent 180 firmware update on my EVL3, I had to perform a factory reset to the card to get communicating again. Now it has 181 firmware installed. I have a simple python program connecting to the EVL3 via TPI. This has been working flawlessly for the past 18 months and the previous network (TCP) session timeout disconnects was 20 minutes.

Now, I've noticed that the local TCP connection (via port 4025) disconnects after 4 minutes regardless of activity and the poll command '000' disconnects the TCP connection only allowing re-connection after 20 seconds - seems like a reboot command to the EVL3.

I'm trying to send a command to reset the timer (i.e. heartbeat) but nothing I try seems to affect the 4 minute session disconnection from happening.

Looking for help to resolve this.


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