FIRMWARE 1.12.167 Released for Envisalink 2DS and 3.

Information and support for EnvisaLink modules.

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FIRMWARE 1.12.167 Released for Envisalink 2DS and 3.

Postby GrandWizard » Sun Jan 03, 2016 8:54 pm

A maintenance (minor) firmware upgrade will be pushed out in the next 12 hours. This new firmware addresses mainly Envisalerts network improvements but there are some new features and bug fixes. Please note that the new Zone Inactivity (Deliquency) feature is not yet ready on the Eyezon portal, but is supported in the new firmware.

Bug Fixes:
- Honeywell Macro keys now work again from the portal(s) and TPI
- Deprecated HTTP link on the local Network page to various service providers has been removed.

- Now supports Dutch Ademco keypads
- Zone Delinquecy feature added. You can now set an alert to happen on in-activity. For example, if you left your garage door open for 10 hours you can get an alert. E+ users only.

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