Can EVL-3 be used to send http command to LAN device?

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Can EVL-3 be used to send http command to LAN device?

Postby erkme73 » Tue Oct 13, 2015 11:26 pm

I currently use a VERA controller running a DSC plugin - which monitors the EVL-3 for changes. When a given sensor is tripped, VERA sees it immediately and executes a script (to tell my BlueIris video server to start recording and push-notify me). It works great, with no more than about 2 seconds delay between the sensor tripping and my phone buzzing (with video).

The question is, for others who want the same capabilities, who don't have the VERA home automation/zwave controller, is there a way to have the EVL-3 send an http command any time a specific sensor is tripped?

The http string is a single URL that triggers the BlueIris video server to record a given camera. It seems very Rube Goldberg'ish to have to install a z-wave controller just to get the EVL-3 to communicate with another PC on the network...

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