Keypad addressing issue.

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Keypad addressing issue.

Postby WD8888 » Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:45 pm

I just installed my Envisalink 4 to my alarm system. I have a vista 20ADT board with a safewatch pro 3000 keypad.
I'm currently having issues with setting up the keypad programming.
according to the install instructions,
I press keys 1 and 3 simultaneously to get the keypad number. when I do, the keypad states CON ADDRESS 31.
I only have one keypad, so I don't need to change the partition. (kept at default 18)
now here's my issue:
when i'm following the program guide, under Honeywell Vista 10P, 15P, 20P & 21iP instruction number 2 where i have to punch in *191
the OPTION menu comes up. (not keypad address 18) i can only input 1 keystroke instead of the "10" that the instruction wants me to do.

I've tried changing my keypad address to 16, but once i do, it would not boot up. (changed it to 16, didnt work, changed back to 31)

any ideas?

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