Hardware Feature Requests


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Hardware Feature Requests

Postby us6 » Fri Jul 19, 2013 5:27 pm

OK I have "Hardware" feature request / idea that should help your sales to the elderly.

I could not find a product picture on the site for the EZ120. However, I believe from a Google Search that possibly a Mini-USB port is used for charging the unit.

If this is so... Picture an elderly person with eyesight issues or someone like my father with shaking hands trying to plugin a Mini-USB cable into the side of the unit... It's not going to happen.

The unit should be designed to dock into a charging station. The station should be designed such that it slides into the station and signals via a light that a good connection has been made and the unit is charging... Flashing light means charging and a solid light means charged... Don't use color as colorblind individuals could have a problem with this... Add a beep of some sort with a status request button and a blind person could make use of the station as well... Push the button and a series of fast beeps tells you how much charge is present in the unit... Possibly a solid long tone = 100%, a series of fast tones separated by a few seconds could communicate level of charge. 0-20% = 1 tone, 20%-40% = 2 tones, .... 60-80% = 4 tones, 80-99% = 5 tones, and one long tone = 100% charged... Corresponding flashes on a charging lights could give the seeing an indicator...

Right now as it is I can see myself getting the Verizon SureResponse system, but would rather have this one...


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