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Q. What is GPS? A. GPS refers to Global Positioning System – the system of satellites orbiting the earth. These orbiting units utilize triangulation to acquire a ‘fix’, allowing EYEZ-ON to accurately determine the precise location of various GPS-enabled devices, almost anywhere on the planet.

Q. What is GSM? A. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communications, a standard for cellular carrier’s networks utilized throughout the world. Rogers, T-Mobile, and AT&T are examples of wireless carriers who have standardized their networks on the GSM platform. GSM is far and away the most widely used cellular technology on the planet, and growing as carriers like Telus in Canada make the move from legacy CDMA to the GSM standard.

Q. Where does the EYEZ-ON solution work? A. EYEZ-ON relies on GSM footprint in order to deliver notifications on the whereabouts of registered devices. GSM currently consists of more than 800 carriers in 219 countries, serving well over 3 billion people, and EYEZ-ON’s carrier partners enjoy roaming agreements with most of these carriers internationally. No other technology even comes close.

Q. What is a ‘geo-fence’? A. Geo-fence refers to the ability to surround a device with a ‘zone’ of safety – either safe-in or safe-out. Examples might include a hydro station that parents want to keep kids from playing near, or an assisted-living facility that an aging Alzheimer’s patient should not leave without supervision. The instant a device crosses the border of a safe zone, or ‘geo-fenced’ area, caregivers are notified and able to take appropriate action. The same principle applies to assets such as a boat at a cottage, which if moved without authorization, notifies the owner immediately.

Q. Who gets alarm/emergency alerts? Why? A. The list of caregivers to be notified in case of an emergency, geo-fence breach, or other pre-determined event, is determined entirely by the account owner. Designate one, five or twenty-five trusted respondents authorized to receive notifications and take action on your behalf. We do not notify authorities, as the number of false reports from ‘alarm’ companies has led police to reduce the priority on these calls in many cases. Further, repeated false alarms can result in the police or other agencies deciding to levy fines for unnecessary deployment of resources. A call from the property owner, parent, or caregiver carries much greater urgency than a report from a call center on behalf of same.

Q. How accurate is your system? A. EYEZ-ON registered devices can be located to within 3-5 meters in most circumstances.

Q. Does it work indoors? A. GPS requires ‘line-of-sight’ to the satellite system in order to acquire a ‘fix’. From time to time, that initial fix may take a few moments, but conversely, it may hold for some time after the device has entered a building, especially if it remains near windows or areas open to the outside sky. Further, the EYEZ-ON system tracks devices until out of range, and is programmed to ‘hot-start’ once the device comes back into view. Anyone trying to locate a person or item will have point of entry, and exact location as soon as the device leaves the area where coverage does not exist.

Q. Is it waterproof? A. EYEZ-ON devices are built to take a bit of a beating. Our EZ-100 Personal Tracker can withstand submersion to a depth of one meter for up to 30 seconds. The CT-600 Industrial Tracker is designed for prolonged outdoor use, performing in rain, rough environments, and temperatures ranging from -30C to +50C.

Q. Can I have/see more than one? A. The EYEZ-ON Secure Portal (ESP) lets you view any number and combination of registered devices ‘at a glance’. Drill down on any single unit, or take a ‘birds-eye view’ of the people or assets in your care. With our open standard architecture, ESP can also help you track 3rd party devices, such as smart-phones and GPS-enabled PDA’s.

Q. You say you can track my phone. Can I use my ESP to track other EYE-ZON devices through my phone? A. EYEZ-ON has developed interface protocols to allow users of internet-capable smart-phones to view their personal ESP dashboards right on their handset, wherever they have data service coverage.

Q. I get that I can see them in real time. Can I see where they’ve been? A. Parents, logistics managers, and fleet owners can use historical views from their ESP to plan routes, ensure efficient use of company time and resources, and improve overall performance.

Q. Other companies charge each time I want to locate. How many ‘views’ are included in my plan? A. Your ESP is at your service, 24/7/365. View your loved ones, valued items, or employee/fleet activity as often as you wish.

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